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TIme clauses

I ___my homework as soon as this programme ___.
will do, finishes
do, will finish

When she ___ my letter, she ___ my problem.
will read, understands
reads, will understand

Where___he ___ when he ___ to New York?
does-stay, will go
will-stay, goes

We ___in the classroom until the teacher ___us to leave.
stay, will tell
will stay, tells

___you ___ her these when you ___her?
will-give, see
do-give, will see

I ___you as soon as we ___somewhere to live.
marry, will find
will marry, find

As soon as we ___the tickets, we___them to you.
will get, send
get, will send

I ___you as soon as I ___ at the hotel.
ring, will arrive
will ring, arrive

When our guests ____, we ___.
will arrive, eat
arrive, will eat

As soon as I ___some news, I ___you.
will have, phone
have, will phone

I___my work after I ___ a bath.
do, will have
will do, have

I___to you again before I ___.
will speak, leave
speak, will leave

We___here until the rain ___.
will stay, stops
stay, will stop

When I ___home, I ___a bath.
will get, have
get, will have

I ___you when lunch___ready.
will call, is
call, will be

I ___home as soon as I ___work.
go, will finish
will go, finish

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