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First conditional

If I ___, I ___ a new car.
will win, buy
win , will buy

If I ___ more work, I ___ my exams.
will do, pass
do, will pass

I ___ to university, if I ___ my exams.
go, will pass
will go, pass

If I ___ to university, I ___ medicine.
will go, study
go, will study

I ___ a good salary, if I ___ a doctor.
will earn, become
earn, will become

If I ___ smoking, I ___ more money.
stop, will have
will stop, have

If I ___ some money every week, I ___ rich when I am thirty.
will save, am
save, will be

I ___ him the letter, if I ____ his address.
send, will find
will send, find

If I ___ my own business, I ___ much free time.
will have, don´t have
have, will not have

If you ___ another cake, you ___ sick.
eat, will be
will eat, are

You ___ your exam if you ___ hard.
fail, will not study
will fail, don´t study

What ___you ___, if you ___?
will-do, fail
do-do, will fail

Our children ___ if we ___ our planet.
will suffer, don´t look after
suffer, won´t look after

If I ___ my driving test, I ___ buy a car.
will pass, buy
pass, will buy

You___English more easily if you___ a little every day.
will learn, study
learn, will study

If they ___ him the job, he ___any money.
won´t give, has
don´t give, won´t have

Your plants ___well if you ___ them.
won´t grow, don´t water
don´t grow, won´t water

If I ___ the champagne, ___you___ for the meal?
will buy, do-pay
buy, will-pay

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